Why a Website

Celebrate with Friends & Family!

A Baby Website will keep your friends and family informed of all the changes, planning, expectations, joys and nervousness that accompanies all pregnancies.

Your Baby Website will ensure that friends and family can have access to information about you and the baby and they can choose to be as involved as they like on your site. Your Baby Website is also for you – so you can capture memories, moments, feelings, photos and more from this special time in your life.

6 Reasons for a Baby Website

Fantastic Features Included with Your Baby Website

6 Reasons for a Baby Website

Introduce Your Baby

Friends and family will love the Story page, Family page, Videos, Pictures, Quiz, Poll, Guest Book and other great features on your baby website. These pages and website features will help you share each and every moment with your friends and family – and allow them to interact with you on your site.

Display Hundreds of Photos of Your Baby

A favorite with friends and family. You can include an unlimited number of photos on each page of your site and post 1000 photos in up to 100 albums.

Share Your Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

Many moms-to-be are not in the same city as the people that are closest to them. A Baby Website allows you to share your pregnancy easily by posting images of the ultrasounds, blogging updates and more. Friends and family who can't visit the new baby can take part in the new baby's life, even though they aren't there in person. Parents can add regular updates to their Baby Website and record the changes happening in their new baby's life.

Plan Your Baby Shower

Receive RSVP's instantly on your Baby Website. People prefer to respond by email than by post, so this is convenient for your guests and saves you money on stamps and stationery. Your site comes included with Planning Tools in your Control Panel that can be used to manage guest lists, send invitations, tracks RSVPs, manage gifts, post thank you notes, and more.

Link to Your Baby Registry

It is standard etiquette not to include information about the Gift Registry in the shower invitation. However, it is perfectly acceptable to broadcast your Baby Website address and link to your registry from your website. This allows you to tactfully inform your guests where you are registered and allows them to easily buy gifts online.

Enjoy Exceptional Online Safety & Security

You can password protect your Baby Website and you can choose with whom to share the website. Alternatively, you can choose to password protect only certain pages. MyEvent hosts thousands of websites from all over the world. Your website is hosted in a secure and reliable environment. You benefit from automated daily backups and multiple redundancies. MyEvent is PCI and TRUSTe certified and is a member in good standing with the BBB. All personal information is encrypted using 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption.

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It's Affordable
For as little as $9.95/month, you can have your own baby website, web hosting plus all the communication tools you need built right into your website. We have a customer service team available 7 days a week, should you have any questions or if you need a little help.
It's Easy, No Skills Required
No technical or web skills are required to build your baby website. You don't need a programmer so you can update text, photos and videos as often as you like using the site builder. There is nothing to download, and if you can use Microsoft Word, you can use the baby website builder.

Fantastic Features Included with Your Baby Website

Your website includes all the tools you'll need to make celebrating your pregnancy and baby so much fun. Here are just a few ideas of how you can use the tools included with your site:

Count Down To Delivery

Count Down
A Count Down to your due date will appear on your homepage. Once your baby is born, start counting up towards birthdays!

Maintain a Baby Blog

Baby Blog
Create a blog as a form of journaling to capture the trials and tribulations of planning for your baby's arrival. Family members will enjoy reading the blog posts and it will become a great keepsake.

Build Your Family Tree

Family Tree
Friends and family will love the Family Tree page. Your website comes included with 2 Family Trees. You can add photos and enter life details. What better way to celebrate you family than exposing your roots!

List Milestones

List Milestones
Keep track of each milestone you reach. Record the date of your first sonogram, the first time you felt the baby move, the first time you went shopping for the crib and the first time you heard the heart beat at the doctor's office. Everyone will enjoy reading about these moments and it will maintain a lasting memory.

Host a Family Page

Family Page
Display photos and bios of each proud family member. Show pictures of each set of grand-parents, brothers, sisters, cousins and more. Everyone will feel special and appreciate that they are included on your website.

Track Baby's Progress Through Photos

Track Progress Through Photos
Post your sonogram photos, monthly pictures of your burgeoning tummy, images from your baby shower and then the snaps from the hospital and the new baby's arrival at home!

Provide a Guest Book

Guest Book
Have friends and family sign the guest book on the site to leave their well wishes. All visitors to the site will be able to leave a note in the guest book. This will become a great memento.

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