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About My Event

MyEvent.com is a team of 16 dynamic programmers, graphic designers, marketers and administrators. A truly multinational squad, we're comfortably situated in the lively Old Port of Montreal, Canada. Since 2002 and more than 100,000 websites, we're dedicated to continue developing innovative and exciting features to help our customers' businesses, events, and non-profit organizations. Thank you for visiting!

MyEvent Team
Rob Hirscheimer
Rob Hirscheimer is the co-founder, co-owner and President of MyEvent.com. Among the many hats he wears on any given day, he is the general manager and head of marketing at our company. "I love coming to work every day and working with a great team to help provide solutions for our client's milestone events and businesses". Much of his spare time is spent with his wonderful family: Marla, his wife; twin daughters, Lindsay and Jennifer; and his son, Justin. Always on top of what's going on in the world, one of Rob's favorite websites is www.techcrunch.com
Mark Goldenberg
Co-founder, co-owner and Vice President Mark Goldenberg's responsibilities include project management, corporate strategy, information technology, infrastructure maintenance, research and development, software development, production scheduling, human resource management, trend evaluation and new technologies exploration. With a history in sales and as a business analyst, Mark's interests include family activities, running marathons, maintaining a garden of carnivorous plants and all things outdoors. A fierce supporter of the Terry Fox Foundation and a Fellow and Mentor at McGill University, Mark takes it all in stride.
Liza Eidelman
Discerning Designer, Magnificent Mother, Russian Folk-Rock Rocker and Flourishing Floral Arranger, Ukrainian-born interface specialist Liza Eidelman is a real-life Super Hero. A compelling sense of humor and a compelling motto "Shape your existence" are motivating to us all. Making the world a better place one festival, one song and one website at a time is a full-time job – and Liza consistently makes it look easy. A favorite web destination is www.awkwardfamilyphotos.com
Corina Friedenthal
Corina Friedenthal brings prodigious experience to our team with a career that's covered branding, advertising and web design. Imagine this quote with her charming Argentinean accent; "I love skating in winter and riding my bicycle in summer." With an appreciation for all things art – cooking, perhaps most of all – Corina makes us all look good. Not surprisingly, this is one of her favorite websites: 2010.designmeltdown.com
Farshid Etemad
Farshid Etemad is a man of many hats. Farsh has worked as a system administrator since 2000 and specializes in open source software for web hosting. He's been MyEvent's head of tech support since 2003. Additionally, he's the company's server administrator. Farshid's got your back! Web pick: www.reddit.com
Tom Gacki
Tom Gacki is an indispensible member of our technical support team. In addition to assisting our customers with their web woes, he considers himself an unlicensed psychologist and enjoys the finer things in life such as "wholesome food and life in the city". He strongly recommends visiting the website www.thisiswhyyourehuge.com for some of the tastiest looking food you'll ever find. As an avid sports fan, he is patiently awaiting the return of the Montreal Expos.
Nathan Niskala
An arm's length list of Nathan Niskala's interests include virtually all sports – both real-world and virtual – and tarantula care. Nathan is a self described science buff from Concordia University with an appreciation for the Kiss song "Rock & Roll All Night". www.failblog.org is his feel-good website.
John Hoodlet
From a waiter to years of phone support, John Hoodlet brings his experience to our customer relations. An avid reader of fantasy, addicted to video games, and even playing RPGs makes him exactly what you expect from technical support geeks. But you'll be pleasantly surprised by his social skills and smiling voice. His favorite old school site is JoeCartoon.com.
Patrick Pinard
No one can say it better than he says it himself: "After several years in the biopharmaceutical field, not as a lab rat but as a programmer analyst, I made the leap into the hectic world of MyEvent in 2006. Bringing with me a DEC in Information Technology, Zend and MySQL certification and 10 years of experience, I use my skills to place your website on the cutting edge of technology. As a programmer analyst, I like the freedom to use my imagination and creativity to produce a more dynamic and user friendly product. I am passionate about sports, from the comfort of my living room! I love hockey, car racing and the MMA. A lover of good wine and beer I am always ready for a good meal with friends! My favorite internet site is www.rds.ca" - Patrick Pinard
Patrick Kelly
Web developer and designer Patrick Kelly was born in Toronto, Canada in August 1967 - the Summer of Love. "Purely a coincidence", he claims. One of six children in a small Irish Catholic family, he had an uneventful childhood – not including the "out of body experience and the time I awoke in a crop circle". In 1984 he stumbled upon a get-rich-slow scheme he likes to call "work". This has allowed him to feed his wife, Annie, and three wonderful children. Patrick is passionate about his work, the outdoors and his adopted city Montreal. At MyEvent.com, Patrick is the class clown – "without the class, of course". Favorite site: www.theonion.com
Fanhua Kong
With an Industrial Electrification & Automation Bachelor's Degree from Shenyang Jianzhu University of China and a Master's in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Concordia, here in Montreal, Fanhua Kong's vast expertise in PHP, Perl, Python, JSP, AJAX, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Oracle and XML ensures that our systems and your sites run at peak optimization. The winner of China's CAI Multimedia Courseware Award and a veteran of 15 years of IT analysis, design, data modeling and implementation, Fanhua's friendly demeanor and positive attitude are a constant encouragement and motivation. This enthusiasm is reflected in a favorite Confucian quote: "I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand". His most rewarding url: www.kongfamily.info
Elody Marmie
Our very own programmer/graphic designer hybrid is Elody Marmie. El is responsible for uploading all of the content to all of our sites. Typically going about her business under the radar, Elody gets the job done quickly, efficiently and – both figuratively and literally – quietly. "Done". Elody digs surfing youtube.com
Rita Jozuus
This machine would quickly grind to a halt if it were not for having Rita Jozuus at the controls. Previous work in building administration and as comptroller of a global livestock natural-feed company ensures that Rita will balance the books. "MyEvent is a well run company which takes care of their customer's and employee's needs". Coming from Rita, that's a true vote of confidence. Due to her cottage get-away, Rita's favorite link is www.theweathernetwork.com
Lucy Wenger
Lucy Wenger works in the marketing department and is a graduate of Mcgill university (Bcom - major in marketing). She is a health and fitness fanatic and is a reality TV junkie. Her favorite website is Youtube where she will watch any video that has an English Bull Dog.